System Architecture Analysis: Artificial Intelligence of Things

Sant Phanichsiti, Pallop Piriyasurawong and Prachyanun Nilsook (2023)
S. Phanichsiti, P. Piriyasurawong and P. Nilsook, “System Architecture Analysis: Artificial Intelligence of Things,”
2023 Research, Invention, and Innovation Congress: Innovative Electricals and Electronics (RI2C), Bangkok, Thailand, 2023, pp. 72-76,

Abstract:This research aims to analyze and design the system architecture of artificial intelligence of things on visual programming. The research methodology involved theories and research papers relating to the system architecture, artificial intelligence, the internet of things, and artificial intelligence of things and the analysis and design of the artificial intelligence of things. The research method is used in content analysis form and data analysis by content analysis technique. The expected benefit is that it applies artificial intelligence of things which is one of the emerging technologies transforming in real-world industry 4.0 era for education.