IoT, 6G and Digital Twin For Smart Campus

Tanapeak Pexyean, Kobkiat Saraubon and Prachyanun Nilsook (2023)
T. Pexyean, K. Saraubon and P. Nilsook, “IoT, 6G and Digital Twin For Smart Campus,”
2023 Research, Invention, and Innovation Congress: Innovative Electricals and Electronics (RI2C), Bangkok, Thailand, 2023, pp. 46-50,

Abstract:Smart Campus This research aims to present the use of the Internet of Things and smart technologies that work with 6G networks to intelligently improve the energy management capabilities of campuses. Whether it’s personal. Teachers and students, including those with disabilities, have a better quality of life. Within the university, energy consumption data is collected. Organizations to manage energy management systems Reduce energy consumption Reduce management by using technology to manage and reduce campus costs, transparently monitor energy consumption and use of campus educational equipment, especially cost and expense management, and sustainable energy use. Control usage data, energy consumption results, and estimate budget allocation related to educational institutions. IoT and Cloud Computing are also integrated into 6G networks embedded in state-of-the-art devices for use in environmental management and intelligent energy management, as well as creating new energy models and management that can solve future emergencies with external on-premises virtual energy control anytime, anywhere. Smart Building Management with twin technologies helps to intelligently manage and control indoor energy systems, such as automation for temperature control in buildings. Air conditioner energy consumption control system Electricity consumption control in lighting system This saves energy and increases the usability of buildings within smart campuses.