IoT, AI and Digital Twin For Smart Campus

Abstract:The objective of this research is to Present the use of Digital Twin. Internet of Things and Intelligence Technology to Intelligently Develop The Energy Management Potential of Campuses By using Digital Twin to manage energy consumption, it enables the creation of work and life on campus, whether it is personal. Teachers and students, including those with disabilities, have a better quality of life. Living on campus is more comfortable Collect energy consumption data, organizations to manage power management systems, reduce energy consumption, simplify management in all departments, and reduce campus costs. It can transparently monitor energy consumption and use educational equipment on campus, especially cost and expenditure management, and sustainable energy consumption, as well as management. Control usage data, energy consumption results, and budget allocations related to educational institutions can create reliability in managing information about electrical energy and energy competency assessment results, and can be recorded and controlled in Digital Twin that can be as if it were with a control center. IoT and Cloud Computing are also integrated with AI systems embedded in state-of-the-art equipment for use in environmental management and intelligent energy management. As well as creating new energy models and management that can resolve future emergencies by controlling virtual energy within the organization from outside anytime, anywhere.

T. Pexyean, K. Saraubon and P. Nilsook, “IoT, AI and Digital Twin For Smart Campus,” 2022 Research, Invention, and Innovation Congress: Innovative Electricals and Electronics (RI2C), 2022, pp. 160-164,