The Landscape of Digital Technology to Enhance the Digital Researcher


The objectives of this research were to synthesize the competencies of the digital researcher, carry out an empirical investigation of the digital researcher landscape, and evaluate the results of a synthesis of digital researcher competency. To conduct the research, the researchers carried out a review of the literature related to researcher competency, digital competency, digital researcher competency and digital technology for researchers. Then, a focus group discussed the conclusion of the digital technology landscape used to enhance the digital researcher. The results showed that digital researchers’ competency had six features: 1) Personalize and Security Competency, 2) Literature Review and Reference Management Competency, 3) Communication and Collaboration Management Competency, 4) Analyzing and Reporting Competency, 5) Proofreading and Plagiarism Checking Competency, and 6) Publication Competency.

Siwaporn Linthaluek, Panita Wannapiroon & Prachyanan Nilsook (2023)
The Landscape of Digital Technology to Enhance the Digital Researcher.
International Education Studies, Vol. 16, No.2 (2023) ; p180-192