Digital storytelling training kit for assessing depression risk for the elderly

This research aims to design and develop a mobile-learning training kit for assessing the depression risk of elderly Muslims using the spiritual dimension of human security. In this research, we compare the achievements before and after the training of village health volunteers using mobilelearning training kits in a simple, random way. The sample is divided into two groups: a sample of 30 individuals is used to determine the performance and the academic achievement of the mobilelearning training kit. In addition, 33 other people are used to assess user satisfaction with the mobile learning training kit. The research indicates that the design and development of the training kits
involving digital storytelling are characterized by two languages: Thai and Malay, consisting of 4 modules, with an efficiency of 81.56. In terms of achievement in a series of training sessions using the mobile-learning training kit, it was found that after training, the results were statistically significantly higher than before training at .05 and that the users’ satisfaction with the training kit was extremely high.

Keywords: mobile learning training kits; digital storytelling; depression risk; spiritual dimensions; Muslim Elderly

Katekeaw Pradit, Anong Phibral and Prachyanun Nilsook (2022)
Digital storytelling training kit for assessing depression risk for the elderly. International Journal of Education and Development using Information and Communication Technology.
(IJEDICT), 2022, Vol. 18, Issue 3, pp. 173-190. (ERIC)