Career Skills and Entrepreneurship for Students by Collaborative Project-Based Learning Management Model


The research titled career skills and entrepreneurship for students by collaborative project-based learning management model aimed to study the results of learning management to develop students to have career skills and entrepreneurship by collaborative project-based pedagogy. The population consisted of 15 undergraduates who were teacher students at the Business Education Program, the Faculty of Education, Chiang Mai University, Thailand. This group of students had to attend an internship at schools after enrolling in this course in, and they had to teach career subjects at schools. The instruments used for data collection consisted of a lesson plan for the self-employment course, a behavior observation form, a journal form after teaching, student products from assignment tasks, students’ reflections in a journal, an in-depth interview, a focus group, and a questionnaire to gauge the level of satisfaction of students, writing and presenting reflections on students’ learning, and projects evaluation. The research separated students into three groups upon their interests, each group was composed of 5 students volunteer, they learned better in a small group. Students learned the theory of the self-employment program and the principles of project work step by step. After that, students studied field trips for data collection from career surveys and entrepreneurs’ interviews, and a special lecture from an entrepreneur, students conducted self-employment projects for selling products both on-site and online, then analyzed the results presented, to listen to suggestions for improvement, and developed knowledge and skills on the self-employment program. Data were analyzed by using content analysis, statistical calculation, and percentage, and were presented in the form of a description and table. The findings showed the results of the collaborative project-based learning to train students to have career skills and entrepreneurship and conduct projects for selling products successfully. The students had a change in their attitudes, behaviors, knowledge, career skills, and experiences in conducting self-employment projects, and their satisfaction with collaborative project-based learning showed at the highest level (100%). Students were satisfied with the project-based learning at the highest level (90%). and especially the opportunity to gain knowledge and experiences from conducting self-employ programs at the highest level (95%).

Phetcharee Rupavijetra, Prachyanun Nilsook, Jira Jitsupa and Uraiwan Hanwong (2022) Career Skills and Entrepreneurship for Students by Collaborative Project-Based Learning Management Model. Journal of Education and Learning.Vol. 11, No. 6 (2022), pp.48-61.